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The Business Empowerment Tools program is a business training, online presence plus e-commerce booster program with a focus on African Youth and Women in Business BUSET AFRICA The Business Empowerment Tools program is a business training, online presence plus e-commerce booster program with a focus on African Youth and Women in Business Business Empowerment
The Program

The BUSET program is for African youth and women in business

Owning a business or helming a startup venture often means juggling more tasks and responsibilities than you bargained for. The BUSET program makes it easier for you.

The Business Empowerment Tools program is the leading champion for youth and women in business entrepreneurship in Africa. Our objective is to empower women and youth across our continent, catalyzing economic growth, driving poverty eradication and ensuring entrepreneurship. The program allows entrepreneurs to get online presence, including a worldclass website, easy-to-use powerful business tools, CRM, business training and mentorship.

We believe the private sector’s role is critical for Africa’s development and that the private sector must create both social and economic wealth.

The BUSET program is founded under the Africa Blue Webs CSR arm, and its partners around the globe. Africa Blue Webs is a global leader in ICT Services and Solutions provision. This BUSET program, its partnerships, represents commitment to creating a new generation of entrepreneurs for Africa.

Our Story

BUSET, an institution with a single focus: African entrepreneurs

The Business Empowerment Tools program is a pioneer of 21st-century philanthropy. It's transformative, scalable, inclusive, youth-focused, gender-balanced & African-led.

Our focus is equipping youth and women in business with the right tools and opportunities to succeed. Entrepreneurs being self-reliant, was the reason we started! We have seen it work, we aim to empower others, many others, with the right tools.


The BUSET program leadership and advisory

The program is honored to have advisors, professionals, and ambassadors that are ready to help businesses and entrepreneurs grow across the continent.

Adams Group - Africa

Tuva Adams Tuva

Financial Planner

Christine Gathiuni

Mr. Julius Opio
KNCCI Chairman - CEC

Julius Opio

The Process

The BUSET three-step process is the key to the program

This process is how the BUSET program equips entrepreneurs, their businesses with sustainable tools and opportunities to succeed in the 21st century.

Online Presence

The BUSET program plugs your business into the world. Online presence and critical web-based tools are availed to entrepreneur.

Business Training

Assessment, strategy analysis & training. Entrepreneurs access mentorship and training to grow their brand. Online courses availed to equip the business.

Brand Visibility

Brand visibility and access to the BUSET network. At this point entrepreneurs get their stories publish on online newspapers, and online TV Channels.

Step 1 - Get Online

Online presence is the first step on the BUSET program. This includes getting your domain name ( we recommend your country-code domain extension e.g. .KE for Kenya ). Getting website hosting, emails, security certificate, and a BUSET themed world-class website.

The BUSET program has 3 website design templetes, the BUSET Stores for online stores is one.


Let's talk entrepreneurship, the BUSET way

Our beneficiaries lead trailblazing businesses in their various communities, creating jobs and exporting local African produce to a global market.


The BUSET impacts different industries through aggregation

In business, aggregation, also known as strategic alliances is a must. Small businesses as well as larger ones must build with other organizations.

The Baraza

The BUSET forum and baraza event gallery

The seasonal BUSET Baraza and Partners Forums are a big part of the BUSET program. The BUSET baraza is one of Africa’s top forums for entrepreneurs.


What entrepreneurs and partners say about the BUSET program

The BUSET Program prides itself in its unique ability to identify, mentor and fund entrepreneurs across Africa.

Benard Nyachieo

SoKo Website

"I am proud that the BUSET program and its partners are taking the lead in this effort to promote self-worth, encourage entrepreneurship, create jobs, build and promote networks for intra-African trade, business collaboration and investment."


Louisa Chebet

Alpha Group

"What is unique about this programme is that it not only provides a platform for entrepreneurs to build connections, but they are also being taught how to build their businesses in a sustainable way"


Nicoleta Mwangi


"There is extra ordinary energy and enthusiasm represented by the BUSET Entrepreneurs, represented by the youth of Africa"


Benard Nyachieo


Setting up industry leaders through the BUSET program

The BUSET program and its partners are working with African youth and women in business in their entrepreneurship journey. Follow our entrepreneurs’ journeys here.

Insurance Expert

Lewis Wafula

CEO - SOKO Website

Louisa Chebet

Beauty Expert

Lorna Matalanga

In The Now

The latest news, the BUSET program

We intend to tool, train, mentor, and funded over 9,000+ young African entrepreneurs across 54 African countries. Keep in touch with what we are doing.

Our Partners

Some of the partners at the BUSET program

The BUSET program is supported and funded by stakeholders in the private sector, for-profit and non-profit.

Get Involved

Partner with us, get involved

Entrepreneurship, not charity, gives us control and allows us to grow our talents, harness our drive and our resilience, as Africans.

Join the BUSET program on this exciting journey to change the African narrative through empowering African Entrepreneurs and contributing to its economic development.

Join us as a ambassador, volunteer, adviser, media partner, brand promoter, training partner, research partner, funding partner & many other ways.

We would be interested in hearing from you. Partner with the BUSET program to promote entrepreneurs across Africa.

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