Francis Mwaniki


Francis Mwaniki, Bitsec Technologies

Francis is the Head of Innovations and Security – Africa at Bitsec Technologies and the current adviser for the BUSET program.

Background and acomplishments that brought me here.

I don't want to change the world. I want to change the way we interact with it in the digital realms to advance human endeavors for better, says Francis Mwaniki. Francis is a seasoned Computer Scientist with vast knowledge of Community ICT Systems development and Distributed systems. Currently he works with Bitsec Technologies as Head of Innovations and Security – Africa. Every day I challenge myself to imagine new possible solutions for real-world problems and create innovative concepts.

We are in the realms of Digital Transformation age, and as a graduate of Computer Science and 13 years industry exposure, I clearly see the intense need for applied computer science. This reality is now settling deep in all human endeavors, where even the human languages are being enriched with acronyms that are turning to be accepted as normal verbs.

The question that lingers in my mind is what are the anchors of communities adopting and fully aligning to the new economics brought about by digital transformations? This is because positive transformational elements are immense beyond any human comprehension. That the cake is big enough for everyone without relocating to optimize! Take your big piece and enjoy for better.

On the downside, the same digital transformation is equally hitting hard with some negativity that require our immediate attention. This include misinforming the public with fake news, the government surveillance and above all, the menace caused by cybersecurity and data privacy infringement. This is what I do at Bitsec Technologies: - assuring you that Cybersecurity is our responsibility to protect you. You are secure with us! … Narrated by Francis Mwaniki