The BUSET Impact

Our Impact

Empowering 9000+ entrepreneurs in Africa

The BUSET program is committed to empowering African entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. On BUSET Phase 1, we intend to impact 9000+ entrepreneurs from 2021 through to 2023


Online Presence

The BUSET program plugs your business into the world. Online presence and critical web-based tools are availed to entrepreneur.


Business Training

Assessment, strategy analysis & training. Entrepreneurs access mentorship and training to grow their brand. Online courses availed to equip the business.

Brand Visibility

Brand visibility and access to the BUSET network. At this point entrepreneurs get their stories publish on online newspapers, and online TV Channels.

About Us

The BUSET program, for African Youth and Women in Business.

Owning a business or helming a startup venture often means juggling more tasks and responsibilities than you bargained for. Lets make it easier for you, get free online presence (including a worldclass website), easy-to-use powerful business tools, training and mentorship.

The Numbers

The BUSET program impact in numbers

BUSET Phase 1, 2021 to 2023, is ongoing aiming to empower 9000+ entrepreneurs through the first 3 years of the BUSET program

BUSET Beneficiaries
2nd Quarter Growth
Empowerment Fund
BUSET 1st of 3 Years